NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Message System) is a suite of applications designed for Emergency Communications.

FLDigi (Fast Light Digital Modem Application) is the main application providing various SoundCard modes from PSK31 to MT63-2000.

FLMsg provides form templates that would most likely be needed during an event. It includes the ARRL Radiogram and the ICS-213 forms along with many others. Both of these applications should be installed for use by GA ARES communications.

FLDigi download page

A really great site with instructions on how to download, install, configure and operate FLDigi and FLMsg can be found at The Western Pennsylvania ARES group.

Beginners' Guide to Fldigi

View "Installation and Operation of FLDigi" to use with VHF and UHF. HF is done in a similar method .

View Getting Started with Fldigi – Including Flmsg

FLDIGI Users Manual

Digipeters and Gateways in Georgia ,