RMS Express is a part of Winlink 2000. It is a worldwide system for sending and receiving e-mail over radio. You do not need a radio to use RMS Express, because you can configure Telnet Winlink to send messages.

More information about RMS Express can be found on Winlink Client Software page.

RMS Express download page

.NET 3.5 Framework download, it is required to run RMS Express and needs to be installed before installing RMS Express.

ITSHF to take advantage of RMS Express's HF Channel selection sorted by current propagation conditions.

ICS Forms Supporting Winlink Supporting Winlink

Introduction to RMS Express Winlink client program (by W4PHS)

Getting Started with Winlink 2000 and WINMOR is a detailed document on how to install, configure and operate RMS Express.

HF RMS Gateway Access 05/2016 ,  

Map of Georgia ARES Digipeaters and RMS Gateways
-- The map shows the location of both RMS Gateways and Digipeaters.
-- On the map, click on the desired RMS Gateway with the “star” symbol and look at the “Access through Digipeater(s)” in the information bar on the left to see which digipeaters can access the RMS Gateway.
-- Please note any errors and send any corrections or additions to John Davis (WB4QDX), ASEC – Digital, at wb4qdx at arrl.net.
-- Check back often for new digipeaters and Gateways that are being added to our Georgia packet network.

Digipeaters and Gateways in Georgia Info, updated 05/2017 ,